Proof of Insurance

Was your last tree service company in good hands? Not if they didn't carry full liability insurance along with workers compensation.

You protect your largest assets with insurance and we consider our customers to be our most important asset, that's why we will show up at your home or business fully insured and ready to work. We carry workers compensation as well as liability insurance which fully protects you and your home should an accident ever occur. Price is only part of the equation when choosing a tree company, knowing that you are safely covered from harm or accident is priceless.

If you would like a hard copy of our insurance outlining the coverages and amounts, please let your salesman know and they will be happy to issue you one.

Allowing Bubba to address your tree problems is a recipe for disaster! If a tree company shows up without proper attire and or safety gear, there's a good chance they don't have insurance. Always ask and demand proof!

Payless tree service has NEVER had a crane accident in over 20 years of business! Hopefully this tree service company had insurance or the home owner will be left paying a bigger bill than expected.