Tree Removals

Payless Tree Service has had a long and professional carrear with providing excellent tree removal in the North Atlanta area for years. Our tree removal company and staff have great expertise, and our company is suited for handling large hazardous tree removals to simple pear tree removals.

Think what could happen if you hired an amateur to remove a large sized tree close to your home or business. Yes, a large tree and an amateur tree removal service is a recipe for disaster. It is prudent to find the best tree removal company, offering top quality at reasonable prices, but you also don't want to pay for extensive home damage just because you were trying to save a few dollars. Payless Tree Service's experienced tree removal specialists will talk to you about the easiest and safest way to remove a tree, explaining your different options and leave you with a free estimate.

Tree removal should only be performed by professionals for a number of reasons. The main reason, of course is safety. Protecting you and your loved ones from harm once a tree has fallen or is about to fall on one of life's biggest investments, your home, is where we come into play. Never trust a fly by night type or two guys and a truck to tackle what could end up being a disastourous outcome for your home and or family. Another reason to only use a professional tree removal company is legality, chances are low that a non licensed company will know anything about city codes, cutting restrictions or have familiarity with the permiting process if your city mandates one. Payless tree services is familiar with all of these processes and keep up to date on any municipality changes that effect tree removal.

Lastly, never pay up front for any type of tree removal services. If a tree company needs to be payed up front or even needs half down to commence work they are not a professional tree company. No, they are at best a part time company or closer to the truth a couple of guys looking to make a few extra bucks over the weekend. Not if but when, something goes wrong you will then be left standing there with an uncompleted job which you have already paid for and then your search will continue to find yet another "company" to finish what they left behind. We will never ask to be paid on a job until you are completely satisfied.

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Tree Trimming

Tree trimming can be done to improve the health of the tree or to improve your property image and other reasons. Tree trimming improves the appearance of trees, prolonging their useful life by removing undesirable branches, whether they are dead, weakened, diseased or insect-infested.

Saving the tree can be the economical choice if it is merely sick. Did you know healthy, mature trees provide valuable shading to a home which can in turn reduce energy costs? Tree maintenance can be a wise investment for your mature Atlanta trees. Additionally, winter tree trimming because the weather has cooled down is ideal for some trees to be trimmed back without harm.

Call Payless tree service to have us come and assess how we can trim your trees to keep them healthy and around for your enjoyment for years to come. We will educate you on tree health and can even do a tree treatment that will keep your tree safe from insect damage.

You might think that your beautiful shade tree is beyond saving, but you might be surprised. With the proper amount of selective trimming, many trees are able to bounce back from drought, disease and other illments. We are Atlanta's eco friendly tree company and recycle all of our wood gathered from tree removals and tree trimmings. If you would like some of our free wood mulch give us a call or fill out the form under wood chips.